Upgraded to ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2010. The initial installation on all 3 home PC's went well with no issues noted. Problems arose when I selected the "Hard Drive
Encryption" option on one of my two laptops. The installation appeared to go OK - software was downloaded and installed. After the first reboot I noted that each of the three partitions on the hard drive were configured for encryption, then the laptop rebooted again. Here is when the problem began. At boot the display pops up a "Full Disk" indication on a black screen. That is all I was getting. Power on and off - same indication. I was not pleased, however, I use Acronis to back up all of my systems and did a full backup before loading the encryption software and was able to restore the laptop in a couple of hours.

The laptop being configured has a 320 GB hard drive partitioned three times. Number one is the boot partition(160GB total, 120GB used), number two is the data partition (140GB total, 10GB used), number three was a 5 GB partition configured to be utilized as swap. I thought this swap partition was responsible for the "Full Disk" error after the second boot during encryption configuration. After restoring the PC, assigning system swap back to the boot partition, removing the 3rd "swap" partition, and reloading the encryption software I still get the "Full Disk" popup at boot.

Has anybody else seen this or have any suggestions ??

The PC is a Vista Home Premium 32 bit load on a Dell Inspiron E1705 laptop.