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    wdahl Guest

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    I'm running Zonealarm Extreme Security. I switched the zonealarm toolbar to the short version, now I can't switch back. Once I swithched it removed all occurances of the ZoneAlarm Toolbar from my browser. When I go into TOOLS, Toolbar............, Zonealarm Toolbar shows but, when I select it, it ask if I want to disable it. This is in both the Firefox 3.5.3 browser and Internet Explorer

    I have uninstalled Internet Explorer and Zonealarm Extreme Security from my system. Re-installed Internet Explorer, re-booted my system. Re-installed Zonealarm Extreme Security, re-booted my system. Nothing chaged, same problem as above.

    I saw where someone stated, in Firefox, to look in the right hand corner for the minimized bar but, it does not exist on my firefox nor iexplorer screen.

    If anyone has had the same problem and has solved this problem or knows of a solution your help would be much appreciated.


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    Well that not the designed behavior when you switch to the short version.

    I seen issue with other toolbars or add-in/plug-in's in both IE and FireFox that will mess up our toolbar.

    I can only guess thats the cause.

    If you cant determine what add-in/plug-in causing that issue I would suggest don't switch to the short version.

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    wdahl Guest

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    That's just it......... I switched to the short version and the toolbar is completly gone from both browers! I have no way to switch back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wdahl View Post
    I saw where someone stated, in Firefox, to look in the right hand corner for the minimized bar
    At the bottom of the firefox window... right corner... very small, not easy to see. This is were it should be. If not try to reset firefox as described here:


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