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    Cool Web Site Acess

    I have a couple of game websites that i was having issues with at the time. and After disabling ZA and finding the sites worked properly, my issue had been i kept getting logged out over and over and sometimes couldn't log in at all, i found that i had to allow Web Bugs and Private Header on both sites for them to keep me logged in consistently.

    Now my question would be, what are the ramifications of allowing these two items access? I had been doing some Bing searches, but turned up no useful info on Web Bugs and Private Header. Do you guys know any reference material i need to be reading?

    Thanks for your helpful input.

    Edit: As it turns out, allowing those two things did not fix the issue.

    I don't get it guys, why do these two sites have such troubles when ZA is up and running? What am i missing?
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    please note that ZA privacy control may not work on some sites and the only way to access those sites is completely turn OFF the ZA privacy control.
    Please also note that ZA privacy control has been removed on the latest version of ZA.


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