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Thread: What means to open outbound ports in ZA?

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    ulyssek Guest

    Default What means to open outbound ports in ZA?

    I have an application on a PC running WinXP SP3 and ZoneAlarm AntiVirus 8. That appl. does not work properly (as internet access is concerned) and in its help doc. it is said that one should make sure that in the firewall used the "outbound ports" (or "ports outbound" or similar, the help text is in German ...) are open. What does this mean exactly?

    The port that is default in the appl. is number 443 (if I recall well, it's a PC in the home of my gf) Could this have to be changed? I used to know how to access to ZA config. data about port numbers but now I don't find them on my own PC (with Vista & ZA AV 7.1) nor the PC concerned here.

    Thank you for help

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: What means to open outbound ports in ZA?

    Port 443 is secure Http protocol, the kind you use where, for instance, you login to web mail or do bank transaction. Normally the direction is out, such as TCP out from your computer to remote IP address, port 443.

    You can make a rule in ZA-AV to permit outbound TCP to internet zone for this particular program (right click it, and some options permit rule making). But a simpler thing would be just to permit it access to the internet zone, the same way as you do for browsers - in the Program list, just give it 3 green checks from the left. Do NOT check Internet Server.

    Maybe if you post relevant sections of your ZA log (c:\windows\zone alarm\za....txt log files) someone might help, as I'm not sure I even understand your problem.

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