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Thread: What is Microsoft Catalog Utilization?

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    Default What is Microsoft Catalog Utilization?

    Is there anyone who can tell me what Microsoft Catalog Utilization is? 'Cause if I turn this option on, when I use P2P software or online game, the cpu consumption of vsmon.exe will be extremely high and system will lag tremendously.
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    Default Re: What is Microsoft Catalog Utilization?

    This is from the online manual:

    Custom program control features

    The Custom Program Control Settings window provides several high-security settings that are designed to prevent malicious programs from controlling trusted programs.
    1. Select Program Control, and then click the Custom button.
    2. Specify the settings to apply.
      Enable Advanced Program Control
      Prevents trusted programs from being used by untrusted programs to circumvent outbound firewall protection.
      Enable Application Interaction Control
      Alerts you when a process attempts to use another process or when a program launches another program.
      Enable Timing Attack Prevention
      Detects and stops programs that try to hijack a trusted program's permissions (e.g., to load drivers, change registry keys, or regulate processes). Also known as handle protection. On by default when Program Control is High or Maximum.
      Enable Microsoft Catalog Utilization
      When enabled, prevents alerts for programs that are cataloged by Windows as known and trustworthy. Enabled by default. (Depending on your settings, ZoneAlarm may still alert you about such programs if they attempt to act as a server outside your Trusted Zone.)
      Enable component control
      Restricts or monitors individual components, such as DLL files or ActiveX controls, that malware programs may use to access the network. If program control is Medium, component control tracks components but does not restrict them. If program control is High, it prompts you to allow or deny new components. See Enabling Component Control for details.
      Enable services control
      Alerts you if untrusted programs attempt to install or modify a service or driver. Active when Program Control is set to High or Maximum.
      SeeUnderstanding services control for more information.

    3. Click OK.
    To learn about the settings on the OSFirewall panel of this dialog, see Configuring OSFirewall protection .

    Since some programs that control other programs are legitimate, ZoneAlarm gives the most common ones permission to access the Internet. You can view and adjust individual configurations on the Programs panel.

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