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Thread: Can't see Anti-Junk Mail toolbar

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    Default Can't see Anti-Junk Mail toolbar

    I have very much the same problem, but with some small differences. I have installed the same program as gazmomay on 3 PCs:

    PC1: 64 bits Vista, and with Outlook 2007
    PC2: 32 bits Vista, with Outlook 2003
    PC3: 32 bits XP, with Outlook 2003.

    On PC2&3 there is no sign of ZoneAlarm toolbar nor of ZoneAlarm spam folders. Obvious spam goes through.

    On PC1 ZoneAlarm toolbar and spam folders get installed. But obvious spam is not automatically filtered out. But manual blocking (pressing "Junk" on the toolbar) works well.

    The PCs are very well and regularly maintained and cleaned. I have made clean reinstallments the ZoneAlarmExtreme Security several times. I have no Hotmail involved.

    So - the spam filter will function on none of my three relatively different, modern and clean PCs. Why?

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    Default Re: Can't see Anti-Junk Mail toolbar

    please do not hijack other user threads open yours!
    The problem in your case is different with different version of system and different version of outlook.

    Could you please contact ZA support. Link in my signature.
    Post back when you find a resolution. It will help other users.


    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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