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    I'm using Firefox 3.5.3 and the ZoneAlarm Toolbar Add-on seems to be some problems. There are two problems which seem to be related.

    When I use the "right click" on my mouse a problem appears in one of three forms:

    1. There are large gaps between the options in the menu.
    2. There is an extremely large gap with no options visible. The "arrows" at the top/bottom of the context window must be used to locate what I want to select.
    3. Same as #2 except the "arrows" don't work.

    The second problem is that I am unable to access the controls for the AdBlockPlus Add-on using the button the toolbar.

    Both problems go away when I disable the ZoneAlarm Add-on. I can live with the second problem since I can access the AdBlockPlus controls through the Firefox Add-on Tool, but I really need the right click to work.

    Additional info:
    I'm using the trial version, zaAvSetup_90_083_000_en and have 5 days left on my trial.
    I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium, SP2, all updates installed.

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    emjaybe2326 Guest

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    I guess I'll be needing to look for an anti-virus program that doesn't destroy the functionality of my browser.

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    Sorry, you have not received any support from other users here.
    With the ZA trial you should be able to contact the ZA technical support (link in my signture). May be they have better ideas?


    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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