I recently installed Zone Alarm Pro trial version on my server so I could see if it was suitable for my needs, and it is very clear it doesn't. The time went crazy on my server and that made the trial expire.

Now Zonealarm won't open, and it is locking the network off completely. I can't even ping the server from another computer, but from the server I can get HTTP but nothing else on the internet. Nothing is allowed in.

I hoped that uninstalling it would solve the problem, but when I go to uninstall, it gets bhalfway through and then Windows comes up saying 'GLB7D98.tmp has stopped working'. I have tried rebooting, uninstalling from in safe mode... but nothing is working.

I NEED the server but I can't use it at all until ZoneAlarm gets out of my way and lets me in. Does anyone know a way I can uninstall it or at least get control of the network back?