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Thread: EMail and Verizon (Port 25 to Port 587)

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    Default EMail and Verizon (Port 25 to Port 587)

    ZA 8.0.298
    BitDefender AntiVirus 2008
    Windows XP SP2
    MS Outlook 2003
    ISP: Verizon

    As of 10/20/2009 Verizon will require that Outlook send Emails thru port 587 instead of Port 25. Apparently they are doing this because of Spam. I made the change to 587 in Outlook and the Send works but ZA does not appear to scan outgoing EMails on Port 587 as it does on Port 25.

    Is there a way to change the Outgoing port in ZA for EMail scans so it scans EMail from port 587 as it does for Port 25???

    I.e. I just purchased Extreme 2010 but I haven't installed it yet - waiting for my Pro to get closer to expiration date.


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    Default Re: EMail and Verizon (Port 25 to Port 587)

    no, I don't think its possible. Is the communication over SSL (encrypted)? Because, in this case, even if it was possible it would still not be detect.
    It is ok to leave the outgoing scan for flood e-mails OFF (it is actually off by default). It is not essential.


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