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Thread: help removing Version 5.1.003

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    Default help removing Version 5.1.003

    Ok I give how do I remove ZA Version 5.1.033?

    I tried the unistall program. It won't uninstall because of the True vector. (vmon.exe)

    I tried the clean program from this site. It won't work because my Windows isn't new enough. (Windows 98 Version 6.0)

    Thought about just deleting the directory but I am sure that it has its little claws in my start up fil;es as well as my hkey files and such.

    So I ask, How do I remove it. Thanks in advance to the one that helps me.

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    Note: Windows ME, 98, 98se and Windows 2000 are not supported in ZA version 7.0/8.0/9.0

    Here is a tip from another user for removing ZA Ver. 5.x and 6.x

    1.) Temporarily Change Computer Date back to 2008

    2.) Go into ZA Control Menu, Overview/Preferences
    Un-check "Load ZoneAlarm on Startup"
    3.) Reboot computer to Remove ZoneAlarm from Memory

    4.) use Windows ADD/REMOVE to remove ZoneAlarm

    5.) Change Computer date back to Correct Date and Time..

    6.) Reboot Computer and you all done..
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