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Thread: [SOLVED] Antivirus won't update - me too!

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    decomplexity Guest

    Default [SOLVED] Antivirus won't update - me too!

    Running ZA Security Suite (antivirus engine with DAT file 992517934) on XP SP3 with current critical updates.

    As from an update on 14th September, any further update results in "The task encountered an error" and antivirus updating is not happening (resulting also in a Windows Security Alert message “Zone alarm reports that it might be out of date…”.
    Deinstallation and reinstallation of ZA Security Suite has no effect

    (Symptoms are similar to those of Mac87’s post below, except that I am not running Win Media Centre edition)
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    decomplexity Guest

    Default Re: Antivirus won't update - me too!

    ... and it fixed itself automatically two days later.
    The wonders of ZA.

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