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Thread: Firefox 3.5.3 and Google Chrome Sudden Failures

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    grahamblanca Guest

    Default Firefox 3.5.3 and Google Chrome Sudden Failures

    Until Tuesday I had a nicely set up system running ZA ISS 7.0.483 (downgrade after last year's fiascos with Ver 8 leaving me unprotected) on a Win XP Pro box. I use Google Chrome and Firefox as preferred browsers until Tuesday when Firefox upgraded to ver 3.5.3 and stopped working. Fingers were pointed at ZA, but their ForceField product which does not exist, or so I thought, in Ver 7. A downgrade back to ver 3.5.2 resulted in Firefox working perfectly but it then did an auto update back to .3.
    The yesterday Google Chrome did an update and suddenly stopped working. In both cases it appears connection to the server is being denied.
    I have manually customised the Programme Control, but with no success.
    I have resorted back to using IE8, which as you see is working perfectly.

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    grahamblanca Guest

    Default Re: Firefox 3.5.3 and Google Chrome Sudden Failures

    This follow up to my post is being written through Firefox 3.5.3 . I could also have used Google Chrome. I have achieved this by shutting down ZoneAlarm ISS. Suddenly all the browsers are working again, and at a double quick speed. It is wonderful - although I feel a little vulnerable.
    I would welcome comments on what to do next.

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