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Thread: Scan runs non-stop(pable).

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    petpet Guest

    Default Scan runs non-stop(pable).

    A few days ago I downloaded the update to Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite.
    It went fine, copied my old settings and said it was running as it should. I checked and found this to be true.

    Then yesterday when I logged in I had to manually restart both antivirus, firewall etc..
    I wanted to check for updates while I had the window open, but there was no responce to my clickings.
    So I desided to run a scan and see if any malware had found it's way into my precious pc.

    The scan ran somewhat slowly right from the beginning, but I didn't sit and watch it for long but instead went to do some other things away from the computer. When I came back hours later, I noticed the scan was still running, but I still didn't think much of it (it was a new and updated downloaded version, and I thought maybe it was taking longer and was doing a deepscan). So I did some other things online.

    I forgot everything about the scan, and after a working long hours far into the night, I desided to take a pause with a cup of coffee, but I fell asleep.
    When I awoke this morning, the scan was still running, and I noticed it had only scanned around 6000+ files!
    - I thought the scan perhaps had been stopping when the computer went into "slumber-mode", which it does 10 minutes after having been left untouched, and then restarted when the computer "awoke" i.e. when I used it again.

    However, the scan continued all day, and when I finally realized it had been running too long to be likely to still be running as it's meant to run, I also noticed that the number of files scanned hadn't moved beyond the number of 6004 files (which number I first noticed yesterday afternoon)!

    So there was no progress whatsoever for almost 24 hours of non-stop scanning!

    I desided to cancel the scan, but the program doesn't respond!

    This was around 12 hour ago.
    I immediately went and re-registered (my original registering from 10 days ago has somehow been lost from the database) and logged into this forum.
    And this is where I'm at now.

    Does anyone know why this may have occured?
    Can someone tell me how I should approach this issue, or if it signifies a serious problem? ...And if so, what kind of problem can be the cause for this odd behaviour?


    In the hope of finding a solution,
    and maybe helping somebody else in doing so.

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