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Thread: Extreme ver 9.0.083 ERROR: "cannot import .\jkuf_oar.reg" during install

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    Default Extreme ver 9.0.083 ERROR: "cannot import .\Klif_par.reg" during install

    (After I posted this, I noticed the filename in this Thread Title I posted under Installation is not right. Can someone change it to show the file Klif_par.reg?)

    After doing a clean uninstall of my older zone alarm version (uninstall /clean) and removing the prefetch folder contents and being sure the Internet Logs folder was gone, I rebooted and installed the latest version 9 of Zone Alarm Extreme Security.

    During install a error message popped up saying:
    "Cannot import .\klif_par.reg: The specified file is not a registry script. You can import only registry files."

    I closed that error message and when the install completed I rebooted. Everything seems fine -- better than fine everything seems to be running faster (far faster than the dog slow version 8 that I had tried for a few weeks and faster than version 7 it seems). In fact, I'm wondering if its even doing anything. On-access scanning is enabled along with Smart Scanning. IE7 seems faster at sites that were slow before (thehuffingtonpost for instance).

    So, does anyone know what went wrong during the install that caused the error message? What didn't get entered into the registery?

    I'm asking here cuz I can't find a place send an email to check point about this. Their live chat is closed over the weekend.
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    Default Re: Extreme ver 9.0.083 ERROR: "cannot import .\jkuf_oar.reg" during install

    You could test if ZA is detecting test malware files like this one:

    Try to save and execute this file. If this file is not detected then you may need to remove and reinstall ZA.


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