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Thread: [SOLVED] Zone Alarm causing loss if internet connection --> Modem Issue

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    Default [SOLVED] Zone Alarm causing loss if internet connection --> Modem Issue

    I am experiencing some major problems with internet connectivity (it just went again, hopefully I can find a way to post this).

    It seems to be linked to Zone Alarm trying to update. The internet is dropping out quite a lot and it is very frustrating. If I want to guarantee that the internet will drop out I just need to try and update the virus definitions in Zone Alarm, this never works and always leads to the internet dropping out.

    I have managed to download and update Zone Alarm to version 9.0.083 but this didn't help. Sometimes when I try and update the virus definition files it works for a while but then loses the connection. I have set the security to medium but this still has not helped.

    It certainly does appear that Zone Alarm is the culprit, I'm almost at the point where I will try and use the Windows firewall for a while and see if that fixes the problem.

    I am using a PC running Windows XP service pack 3.

    Any help or advice appreciated.

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    davidsss Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm causing loss if internet connection


    Turns out it was the modem. Wonder why it always failed when I went to upgrade ZA? Bloody coincidences


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