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    someone smarter than me, please help me since i cant find where to ask zonealarm.

    i am using zonealarm extreme security with XP and playing one of my online games, where i have been playing about 6yrs now at

    but now i am starting to get this program to take over my page from http:/ telling me my computer is infected and i should download their program to get rid of all the virus. i play other online games but only have this problem while i am on this site.

    i know it isn't part of zonealarm because i waited 2.5hrs running a complete scan for virus and anti-spyware with finding nothing harmful.

    i get a header bar from zonealarm saying if i dont trust this site, to not download from it, which i have no intentions on doing, but zonealarm does not give me an option to get rid of or protect me from this site.

    any help would be appreciative.

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    please see the sticky post and follow all the cleaning steps detailed.


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