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Thread: Extreme 2010 Installation Issues

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    Post Extreme 2010 Installation Issues

    I purchased Extreme 2010 (ver upgraded from Extreme ver 2009 and once installed (per instructions) started having all kinds of issues. E-mail spam snap in no longer loaded (Outlook 2007), Anti-virus update errors out with no other information, I no longer have a Extreme toolbar in IE 8 and cannot get it to load it show up in the view toolbars and in the Manage Add-ons area it show that “ZoneAlarm Toolbar ver” and “ZoneAlarm Toolbar Registrar” to be enabled, and my new license info does not update the number of days I have left until expiration still shows 169 which is what I had on the old key.

    Running XP (32bit) Service sp3, after speaking with Customer support (via chat window) I re-installed with the /Clean switch. Once I did this it cleared up the e-mail spam snap in issue, however the rest remain. I reinstalled a second time with the /rmlicense switch with no improvement.

    Is there a way to uninstall this program completely lic info and all reg keys so I can truly get a "Clean Install"?
    It's bad enough that I lose half a year paid for license time to upgrade, but the upgrade needs to work.

    Any and all help would be much appreciated, ZA upgrades have always been frustrating but this one I have not been able to resolve on my own.

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    please keep following up with support, this is the best way to troubleshoot the issue. Please also ote that ZA updates servers seems currently down. Probbaly this is why you cannot update.


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