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Thread: Automatic Update doesn't work

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    Default Automatic Update doesn't work

    Since I upgraded to ZoneAlarm Extreme in the middle of the year the antivirus automatic update does not work. I have checked my settings many times to ensure automatic updates is set yet it never updates. I first discovered the problem when I kept receiving Windows warnings that my antivirus was out of date. Every few days now I check and find the last update was when I manually downloaded the update. Today (22 Sept) for example I found the last up date was on 18 Sept when I did a manual update and scan. I found earlier it is supposed to check for updates every 3 hours. I tried changing this but it doesn't help.

    I have also noticed when visiting the website that there is often an upgrade for the main program that is several weeks old. I am supposed to be informed automatically of any updates.

    Why is it so hard to find an email link where I can post an urgent problem like this. You go to technical support and get tied up in masses of FAQ which you know will not answer your problem. At best you have contact by live chat which is a complete waste of time as far as I am concerned. I can live chat by voice over a phone but try to do the same by one fingered typing is useless.

    Getting help on your site really sucks!!! It ranks with the worst sites I have seen.

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    Your getting the same help from the same people if you had to Fingered type an email or Fingered type a chat. The answers would be the same.

    The difference is you get helped in Min's compared to many days.

    You end up Finger typing more with email back and forth for days conversing with support than in a single chat.

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