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Thread: ZA keeps disconnecting internet

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    Default ZA keeps disconnecting internet

    I know someone already made a thread with an issue like this, but I've tried fixing my laptop and its still not working. For start I've checked all the cables, broadband modem is working (no router), I can access internet on this second laptop. I have an issue with my new laptop Toshiba satellite A500 13F, its a Vista 32, ZA Security Suite version is 90.083.000 the latest version I can download. As long as I dont install ZA, restart the laptop and start using it, internet will work but after that, it will disconnect. I already tried right clicking on ZA tray icon and click on Reset, checked if everything is set to Trusted in Zones tab and nothing works. I have also tried using Self-service support and none of the suggestions will fix my issue.

    The strange thing is that even if I shutdown ZA, it will still continue disconnecting internet. The only way for internet to function normally is if I put it back to a restore point. I really dont know what is wrong, I am aware of the issue Windows update had with ZA, but now I've already tried twice, once without updating anything and I still get the same issue. Now I'm running restore point for the third time. I bought the ZA product and I would really like to use it cause I will be going to Africa and firewall protection is important. I'm not sure how reliable is Windows firewall.

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    Sorry to hear you have problems. You really need to keep going back to support and report that solutions proposed did not work. It is the only way to troubleshoot the issue and to claim for a refund in case no solutions works.


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