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Thread: Server- access rights for com surrogate?

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    i remember reading on the forums some time ago something about very few or no programmes require full server (trusted and internet) rights in the programmes list.Can you tell me if this is the case and are there any strict exceptions to this rule?I ask because i have a few that have green ticks right across the board after reinstalling zass9.One of these is COMsurrogate? do i need to give full server rights? Others are

    application layer gateway
    iobit 360
    image mastering api
    ip configuration utility
    userinit logon application
    verify class id
    visual c# command
    windows logonui
    yahoo toolbar assistant

    p.s my programme control is still on 21 day auto and smart def advisor is on auto.Any advice is very much appreciated.

    zass9 win xp home

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    if you don't know how the system works you should leave the settings as they are. You never know if rights may be needed in certain conditions. Things may be working fine but one day if you face a problem you will not know anymore what is the cause of the issue. You will end up assuming that ZA is the culprit.

    You can start removing permission to programmes but be ready to troubleshoot issues with your system today or in a month. Less you mess up better it is

    To avoid pontential conflicts you should also avoid running overlapping security tools like iobit360. Also note that 21 day autolearn only happens when you install your ZASS the first time or on a clean install. Have you just installed ZASS? Otherwise there is something wrong on your setup.

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    Thanks for the advice. i think ill leave settings well alone. Yes it was a clean install following the instructions listed in another thread.

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