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Thread: Vista64 -True Vector Monitor shut down error - no internet

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    Default Vista64 -True Vector Monitor shut down error - no internet

    Im having the same problem but are running Vista64 and a laptop with Vista32. I can't get internet connection through my wifi/router on my laptop - lan works ok with the same settings otherwise. Worked perfectly before upgarde to Zone Alarm Extreme Security (8.0.400.020 with True Vector Security Engine 8.0.400.020). I have tried to reset to original settings but no change. Keep on finding the same network.

    My PC came with BullGuard pre installed (working perfectly) which I removed before installing ZoneAlarmExtreme which so far has been pants! No internet connection via lan with the same settings as on the laptop, wifi; forget about it. True Vector Internet Monitor keeps shutting down. Keep on finding the same network (wif) Tried reinstalling but no joy so far. Restoring to earlier setting on OS hasn't helped either.

    Would much appreciate some help with this.
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