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Thread: Toolbar from update not useable

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    I just updated my ZoneAlarm Antivirus to During the installation I allowed it to install a browser toolbar. Now my browser, FireFox v., has a one inch space at the bottom that has a single red "^" on the left margin. It is taking up a lot of real estate on my browser, cutting into the viewable area by a lot. Is there a way to remove this useless waste of space? The menu item View->Toolbars doesn't show a ZoneAlarm toolbar. The Tools menu item doesn't show anything

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    GarySV Guest

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    I figured oput how to disable it. Tools->Add-ons in the dialog box that comes up scroll down till you find it, disable and restart the browser.


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    any reasons for not updating to new releases of firefox 3.0 or 3.5?
    ZA is a 1 year old version full of vulnerabilities, I would recommend you update it for your own security.


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