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Thread: [SOLVED] Myspace and Facebook wont work

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    Mysticbc Guest

    Angry [SOLVED] Myspace and Facebook wont work

    I just installed Zone Alarm Extreme Security on my new PC and now i can not get into Myspace or Facebook. When i type my info for Myspace to log in it does not do anything it just pops me back to the log on screen. I have read to allow cookies for the sit but i can not fine where to do that with this version of ZA. The Privacy tab is gone... and all i can find is force field but there is no setting for cookies there either..

    Please HELP with this any help will be appreciated!!!
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    Default Re: Myspace and Facebook wont work

    Facebook and My space work perfectly fine here.
    ZA Version used? Right click the ZA icon near the clock --> About --> Copy to Clipboard --> Paste it here

    Browser used? IE8? FF3.X? Add-on used?
    Installed over an existing version of ZA? Which one?
    What other security tools are installed?

    You have to provide more information to the users here to increase the chance to be helped.

    Also try to right click the ZA icon near the clock --> Shutdown ZoneAlarm Extreme.... Does it work now? If not, its not ZA.

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    Mysticbc Guest

    Default Re: Myspace and Facebook wont work

    OK so maybe it was a bit late last night when i was frustrated... lol It was a setting on windows firewall. Ty for the response and sorry i forgot to put the system info. As i said it was late last

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