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Thread: ZoneAlarm blocks Nikon wireless transmitter

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    Exclamation ZoneAlarm blocks Nikon wireless transmitter

    I was just setting up a wireless transmitter for a Nikon camera on a Windows Vista Home Edition laptop the other day.

    The transmitter works fine when ZoneAlarm is turned off but as soon as I start the firewall it blocks access. I set the trusted zone settings to medium but without any success.

    If ZoneAlarm is turned off the transmitter is still blocked until I use Ccleaner to empty the cache etc. After that all works fine again.

    What am I overlooking here? I saw that the Nikon camera is getting an IP when being configured with the laptop for first time usage as well as a MAC address (if I remember correctly).

    Do I need to add this IP under zones as a trusted IP to make all work correctly while ZoneAlarm is running?
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