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Thread: "Not enough virtual memory" or Zone Alarm "instability"

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    lhanks Guest

    Default "Not enough virtual memory" or Zone Alarm "instability"

    Purchased Zone Alarm Extreme Security last June. Computer has Windows XP Home edition and Internet Explorer 8. My hobby is genealogical research.

    When I have several Internet windows open, which is my ususal practice when researching, I sometimes get a message that there is not enough virtual memory. Don't recall ever getting that message before installing Extreme Security.

    Have also received messages from Zone Alarm regarding "instability".

    Would appreciate your input.


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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: "Not enough virtual memory" or Zone Alarm "instability"

    First question - can you please relay back how much RAM memory you have? The recommended level is 1 GB of RAM for XP systems. New XP Netbook/ laptops will usually have that. Older pc's will usually have 512 RAM unless it is higher end models.

    With ZA Extreme and browser security on - it is a good idea to 'clear virtual data' with some regularity, like at the end of your pc session/ end of the night. You have some basic 'pctune-up' features - also good idea to clear regular cache, temp files.

    Click here > < this is the basic info/ features of ZA Extreme - now carefully evaluate which features you do use/ need and the features you don't really use. If for example your not using 'parental controls', hard drive encryption, credit bureau monitoring, on-line back-up' - as a possible suggestion - you 'may' be able to downgrade to another ZA firewall > ZA Suite > ZA Anti-Virus or ZA Pro (if you ask ZA Customer Service - first). If you needs are simple - using ZA Pro or ZA Anti-virus + ForceField may lessen the strain on your pc resources/ RAM memory.

    Click here for comparison of ZA firewall products >

    Other thoughts: on your XP if there are some software programs that you will never use or old out-dated software - it may be a good idea to properly un-install them - example some pre-installed/ bundled software: games, Quicken, encarta, etc.

    If you have other security software besides ZA - these may also consume memory/ cause conflict - please list if you have any other.

    In IE8 and other new browsers there are 'tab' systems in the top menu area. Make multiple tabs on a window page - this may help.

    I had an XP Home with 512 RAM bought in 2005 and got the 'low virtual memory' messages > which recently had the hard drive/ pc die 2009 > had to get myself a new Vista with 2 GB - working well for now.
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    findley Guest

    Default Re: "Not enough virtual memory" or Zone Alarm "instability"

    Quote Originally Posted by lhanks View Post
    I sometimes get a message that there is not enough virtual memory.

    How to give your Windows XP computer more virtual memory

    How do I Increase Virtual Memory?


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