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Thread: Can't uninstall ZAES

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    Default Can't uninstall ZAES

    I migrated my XP computer to a Vista machine. Zone Alarm Exteme Security moved over, but I get an error message saying that the anitvirus has been turned off and needs to be updated to reactivate. When try to update, I get a message that there has been an update error. Nothing seemed to work, so I tried to upgrade to the latest version. The upgrade canceled itself. I then tried to uninstall the version on the machine, but I got a message saying it was trying to verify permission to uninstall, but never moved beyond that.

    Now what?

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    Default Re: Can't uninstall ZAES

    have you tried to run the ZA removal tool? Right click on it and "run as administrator"

    If the above fails try to remove ZA manually.
    I cannot find or run the ZoneAlarm uninstall program (Vista)


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