I have two issues:

1). I always check for updates and it always comes back that I have the latest software. My current level of software is "" (ZoneAlarm Security Suite).

2). I have two occurrences of ScanningProcess.exe running in my process list.

I see that the most recent version of Security Suite is shown to be Why do I always receive a "System Up to Date" response when I manually Check for Updates? I have a current registration number good for three system for another 459 days.

I also am concerned of the two processes (identical) running only on my PC. Only one occurrence of this process is running on my laptop as well as my wife's PC. My system is a Dell XPS running XP SP3, my wife's is a Dell running Vista SP1 and my laptop is a Compaq running XP SP3.

I have downloaded the latest version of ZoneAlarm Security Suite and also the clean removal program. I'm about to uninstall my old software version and install the latest. Can any one of the experts comment on my two concerns listed above?