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Thread: New Zone Alarm Pro Alerts appearing behind

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    Default New Zone Alarm Pro Alerts appearing behind

    My problem with the new Zone Alarm Pro is that with older versions, without fail, alerts would appear in front of any software you were running. I play games on my PC and many do not allow you to ALT-TAB or Ctrl-Alt-Del. because the ZA Alert appears behind the game screen, the game hangs waiting for ZA and I cannot access ZA because I cannot get out of the game screen.

    This was never a problem up until a couple versions ago. Prior to that the Alert ALWAYS popped up in front of the game screen. Now I have to manually set up games or just quit ZA to play a game for first time.
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    Default Re: New Zone Alarm Pro Alerts appearing behind


    That is why Game Mode was created so that you don't loose focus in games and other issues.

    Right click the ZA icon in the system try in the lower right hand corner of your screen and select game Mode.

    This is the solution to your issue.
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