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Thread: I am running XP Home and SP2

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    Default I am running XP Home and SP2

    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeV View Post
    *** Very Impoartant Notice: ***

    ZoneAlarm Security Suite version 9.0 for WinXP is Designed to Work Best on WinXP Service Pack 3 (SP3) and all later MicroSoft Updates..

    NO Security Program can Protect you from the Bugs and Security Flaws found in WinXP SP2 that were Fixed by Microsoft in Service pack 3.. until you install Service Pack 3..

    In order to Fully Protect your Computer, You should Update it with Latest Available Updates from MicroSoft..
    George, I'm a bit confused by this. My PC came with SP2 and I refuse to upgrade to SP3, due to a bad experience with an new PC years back where I upgraded to SP2 from SP1 and it did a number on a very expensive custom built PC, plus all those I've heard that had problems with SP3 update. Also since then (and I would NOT recommend anyone doing this!), I have had automatic updates turned off and only install what I feel is necessary, which isn't much. Have done this for years now and I have no problems. I've always turned off Windows Security Center also. With that said, I've used ZAISS with XP SP2 for some time now and don't really know it's in the background. It works great and always has! I've never been hacked nor have I had a virus/trojan/worm or the like get onto my PC.

    So I'm not sure what security flaws or bugs you're speaking about. BTW, I'm tech savvy and do not install a lot of nonsense things. I run very little at start up, defrag/clean disk, know the capabilities of my PC, do backups, etc. Would you mind explaining why ZA would make such an important notice statement as that? I mean when I read that, I thought geeez that would scare the heck out of anyone. LOL

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    Default Re: ZA Security Suite Install

    Quote Originally Posted by joedon View Post
    I have had problems the past month and had to reformat my computer several times.

    I am running XP Home and SP2 with SP2 update installed.
    Why have you had to reformat your HDD several times in the past month? Do you mean XP Home SP2 with SP2 as you stated or SP3 update installed?

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