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Thread: Cookies, ActiveX, etc.

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    Unhappy Cookies, ActiveX, etc.

    I realize that after upgrading to ZoneAlarm Extreme Security from ZASS they have removed the privacy tab. Since I can no longer control cookies, activex controls, headers, etc., how is the new ZASSX handling these? Am I being subjected to tracking cookies or cookies I don't want? What about malicious ActiveX controls? It seems as if they are touting ZASSX as a better program while removing features!
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    cookies are harmless text files that you can block directly from the web browser while ZA Forcefield in ZAX will protect you by active content (e.g. activeX) by isolating your browser from the rest of the system (sandbox).

    Go to ZA browser security --> Settings --> Advanced --> and turn ON virtualization.

    Remember to turn OFF forcefield when you have to update your browser or the add-on of the broswer otherwise they will be installed in the virtual space.

    So, no the protection mechanism is different. No need to block content if you can run it in a isolated and secured area. No more issue with sites not working ... or wasting time to customize each site

    See here for an introduction to ForceField.

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