Just done a fresh/ clean install of the updated version of Zone Alarm Extreme Security to Version and noticed just a couple of things and just seeking clarification that all's well

Firstly when I check "Alerts & Logs" & "Anti Virus Anti Spyware" tab everytime my machine starts up there are three Errors Marked up against "On Access Scanning" but with no details listed . Is this anything to worry about is this working or not (I have On Access Scanning set to "Scan In Smart Mode").

Also in system tray the Zone Alarm Icon only changes to the red and green Traffic meter when I actually surf or click on the link, when its idle even if web pages are up such as now when I'm typing this the System Tray Icon is just The "Z" Icon. Before the upgrade it was always showing the Red & Green Meter once the machine was up and running.

Still looks like the machine is closing down now (was crashing every other turn off before the upgrade) perhaps I can uninstall UPHC Clean now?