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Thread: ZA Extreme update failure

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    Default ZA Extreme update failure

    I have been trying to install the ZA Extreme update. The first time I ran install I received an error message indicating I may not have an updated root certificate. ZA installed, but without anti-virus protection activated. I cannot activate it from ZA, and subsequent install trials end at 6% file extraction with the message that installation was canceled. I have rebooted several times (but I cannot boot without ZA--the option to load at startup will not 'uncheck'). I'm a little nervous about being without anti-virus protection--naturally. Help?

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    sounds like you have other issues on your systen than ZA. Try to remove ZA with the ZA removal tool (you need to run it as adminitrator) and reinstall.
    If you still have problems contact ZA technical support, link in my signature.

    Next time try to post full information about your system and ZA.

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