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Thread: Uninstalled Apps Removed?

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    Default Uninstalled Apps Removed?

    I currently use PC Tools Firewall Plus, but it has some issues and so, I was wondering a couple of things about ZoneAlarm and was hoping that someone would be able to answer these questions for me, please:

    1) In PCT FW, when you uninstall an app and it is no longer on your hard drive, PCT FW automatically removes the app from it's app list. But the last time that I tried ZA, I would have to go through it manually and it did not make it easy. It didn't have the pretty pictures next to the apps and not all of the file names were easily associated in one's mind with the old, uninstalled app and it was kind of a nightmare to have to go through ZA's app list every time I uninstalled an app and wanted to remove it from ZA. This was the reason I first switched to PCT FW. But now it has been a while and I'm wondering if it now does this? Or is there a setting that turns this feature on, if it has it?

    2) How is ZA with accessing one's LAN? Will it do it right out of the box? Or does it have to be set up to do it and if so, is it easy to set up? Or does one need to be a firewall genius to do it? I have two laptops and an NAS and a LinkSys router.

    Thank you for your kindness in answering my questions.

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    1. The same, you have to remove the apps manually.
    2. You need to add the IPs of the machine to the ZA trusted zone or set the network (probably 192.168.X.X) as trusted. The latter is simpler but applicable only if the LAN is yours and not public.


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    Default Re: Uninstalled Apps Removed?

    Thanks. I appreciate the response. It's too bad that they don't automate that, or at least make the list easy to decipher.

    As for the trusted zone, if the network will be trusted and I can access my LAN, that is what's important.

    I really hate how there's always one thing that is great in this one, but the other company's util has that feature, etc.

    I think that if ZA had that "automatic removal" feature, it couldn't be beat! It is such a nice feature, that I have been dealing with major problems with PCT's FW for years, so I wouldn't lose it. I can't even browse my LAN with PCT's FW enabled and they won't fix it for years now and ignore the problem and yet, people just won't give up the feature in the app list. If ZA started doing this, I think we'd see a flood of PCT users going over to ZA and even buying a pay version to get it!

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