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    Sky Soldiers Guest

    Default ZASS version: Installation

    Reinstall ZoneAlarm Security Suite version: very well.Selective Boot did not work.Using Removal Tool didn't work.Used /clean switch and /clean /rmlicense, used 27 step uninstall for XP..Nothing would work.One last try.Uncheck To Load ZA at startup and reboot.Install over the top of ZASS 8.0.400.020.Only issue that I see is in Alert & Logs / Log Viewer in Alert Type Antivirus / Antispy On-Access Action Error.I untick / disable to save current settings and only option offer was to Upgrade.It did not ask to install Security Tool just ZA icon which I untick..ZAFF toolbar was already installed.Click OK.When well this time.

    Did chat and is known issue.On-Access Action Error being worked on.

    Have a nice Day

    XP SP3 (all updates)
    ForceField (standalone) v
    ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:
    TrueVector version:
    Driver version:
    Anti-virus engine version:
    Anti-virus signature DAT file version:995057216
    AntiSpam version:

    Just wanted to share this info.Just finish chat with support.

    Charles: One more thing.When I install on top.It ask if I want to keep current settings.Then only option offer was to upgrade not clean.It did not ask to install toolbar.I guess it saw ForceField (standalone) already installed.

    Agent: Yes development changed the way upgrades are done in the 9.x releases. The install now looks at the programs log files to determine if they are corrupted or not. If the files are not corrupted, you will be able to do the upgrade. Otherwise, if the files are found to be corrupt, you will only get the clean install option.
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    Sky Soldiers Guest

    Default Re: ZASS version: Installation

    This is a follow up after thorough testing of version: :

    Chat I had with Support :

    Charles: I know that On-Access Action Error is known issue.Under Advanced Option, Scan Schedule works.So does automatic updates.No problem when Anti-virus / Anti-spyware is updated, it refreshes definitions.Under Scan Modes the first scan is an Ultra Deep Scan.Very fast and scan completes.It does not default to the Normal mode after it has created a baseline.If I select Normal scan manually.It starts the scan.It starts scanning memory, then boot, then calculating.It hangs when calculating and if I click cancel it freezes.I have to go to Start and click Restart.I have gotten it to work a few times, but after 4 or 5 Restarts.Then later try to rescan and hangs.I did Reset but no change.I have no problem if scanning in Ultra Deep Scan.Is this a know issue.Please advice.

    Agent: We've seen some issues with the virus and spyware scanning in the current release yes. Development is including some fixes in the next release, due out in the next week or so. You can try our latest beta version at and see if that works better for you in the meantime.

    Charles: I done have the time to mess with it.I had a hard time installing ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:

    Agent: Ok, then please run the current version as is until we get that new release out in the course of the next week or two.

    Charles: I think the problem was that ForceField (standalone) has to be install before trying to install v9

    Agent: But you have version running properly now, except for the scanning issues you've described to me today?

    Charles: Yes.Next update install on top.

    Agent: We apologize for the delay. I will be with you shortly.

    Charles: Ok

    Agent: Ok, then I would wait for our next major release in the next week or two and install that over your current 9.0.114 version, and that should take care of the issues you've described with the scanning.

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