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Thread: [SOLVED] Update unsuccessful --> Removed Current Version

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    Jussi Guest

    Default [SOLVED] Update unsuccessful --> Removed Current Version

    Today 2 Sept. 2009 I had the familiar pop-up alert when a new version of ZoneAlarm is available. So I went ahead with the update (I have 6 months left on my subscription).

    But the update was unsuccessful in two ways:

    1) The update ended prematurely.

    "Error: Setup is unable to shut down the TrueVector service. Install cannot continue without shutting down the TrueVector service."

    2) The update offered was zapSetup_80_400_020_en.exe -- Why would the update service offer me a file from last summer, when the newest version is zapSetup_90_114_000_en.exe?

    Now not even the newest version will not install. And ZoneAlarm will not load. Even the Windows Firewall (that usually starst before ZoneAlarm) will not run untill 1-2 minutes after reboot.

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    Jussi Guest

    Default Re: Update unsuccessful

    So next I went on with a complete uninstall of ZoneAlarm, followed by a new install.

    The new install of v. went very well.

    And evidently the uninstallation did not remove everything, since the fresh installed version recognized my License, as well as my previous settings (zones and program classifications).

    Now all is well -- but the update alert still puzzles me...


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