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Thread: Active Programs Showing in ZA8?

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    jacobyte Guest

    Default Active Programs Showing in ZA8?

    Hello, I am using ZA 8 Basic firewall. The older versions used to show which programs were actively using your internet connection via icons on the upper part of the programs page.

    Does anyone know why this is missing from V8 or is it coming back cos it was real handy.


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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Active Programs Showing in ZA8?

    jacobyte, series 8.0 > 9.0 this is the new look/ GUI design. I miss it, too. As far as I can tell - it won't be coming back - progress? .

    Alternate option: if you open ZA program control you can see a 'green dot' for all active/ or inter-netting programs; but I think you may not have this feature in ZA Free, other paid ZA firewall versions have the 'green dot' to indicate activity.

    You can also open 'task manager' in system tray of windows and it will show activity - thou not as pretty or as easy as what you wanted.
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