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Thread: major ZA Extreme issues

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    Exclamation major ZA Extreme issues

    i have a subscription for ~~snip ~~ which i'm abandoning due to tons of annoying issues...anyway, i installed Extreme trial; i'm trying the top rated ~~ snip ~~ suites to see which i like best.

    Extreme is my 2nd trial (hated ~~ snip ~~) & all was fine for the first day. yesterday i started having "True Vector Internet Monitor has stopped running do you want to restart", slow loading of my system at boot, slow loading of most programs including just opening folders & slow loading of my browser (Firefox 3.5.3 plus addons)...until today when my browser wouldn't load at all. well, it would finally load, but couldn't access anything. even tried disabling Force Field.

    i'm running XP, 502mb, 2.8ghz, pentium 4, SP3 & all current hotfixes. when i installed i set Extreme to tell me everything/let me approve/disapprove everthing, etc. i didn't change any of the actual access controls (allow, block, ask) after i approved whatever it popped up to ask me.

    i want to purchase, but not if it's not going to function properly. i used ZA a few years back (current ~~ snip ~~ was obviously the wrong choice), & was really happy with it, but only had the av & firewall.

    i did try uninstalling/reinstalling Extreme, 3 times, even let it control everything with no changes on the last install. i was forced to uninstall & try #3 rated ~~ snip ~~ just so i could get online & post here.

    what now? i'm not an actual customer, yet, so who do i talk to? did search the forums, but there are so many posts, i gave up & decided to post myself.

    thanks for any help you can send my way.

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    Default Re: major ZA Extreme issues

    sorry but you do not have enough RAM to run ZA Extreme. A minimum of 1GIGA is recommended.
    Better to choose something else. This is ZA product related forum and I am afraid I cannot suggest you alternatives.


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