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Thread: Urgent: New ZAP release blocks Silex "SX Virtual Link" connections

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    Question Urgent: New ZAP release blocks Silex "SX Virtual Link" connections

    Ever since I updated to the latest version of ZoneAlarm Pro (ZoneAlarm Pro version:; TrueVector version:; Driver version:, I've been unable to connect to the USB devices that are connected via Silex Technology's SX-2000U2, which allows connections to various USB devices across a TCP/IP network (mine is an Ethernet network).

    The SX-2000U2 includes a driver and a GUI connection/interaction program called "SX Virtual Link". I've got the latest versions of all Silex software and firmware installed.

    Since the ZAP update, the SX Virtual Link window always reports: "No USB devices were found on the network." Zone Alarm does not bring up any pop-up or other window when I try to connect.

    The settings were not initially correct within ZAP for "SX Virtual Link", so from within ZAP's "Program Control -> Programs", I changed the "Trust level" to "Super" and all "Access" and "Server" levels to full trust (green checkmarks all the way across). Then I rebooted. I checked to make sure ZAP still showed all green for this program, but SX Virtual Link still says "No USB devices were found on the network".

    I checked my router's settings, and everything looks fine there. I did not need to change any settings.

    I have two Windows XP Pro / SP3 computers running "SX Virtual Link", with the identical version of ZAP and everything else, and both have the identical problem.

    Is there something else I should set or change to enable SX Virtual Link to find the printer connected to the SX-2000U2? The printer is a Dell 968 All-in-One with it's internal networking feature turned OFF and instead installed as a directly-connected USB printer (which in reality is connected to the SX-2000U2).

    I need help urgently, please.


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    Default Re: Urgent: New ZAP release blocks Silex "SX Virtual Link" connections

    please report directly to ZA technical support, all users here
    Link in my signature

    Please post back if you find a solution!


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