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Thread: Problem upgarding to zapsetup_80_400_020_en.exe

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    Ray Saffin Guest

    Default Problem upgarding to zapsetup_80_400_020_en.exe

    Following a message from Zone Alarm Pro, I downloaded update zapsetup_80_400_020_en.exe

    When I try to run this it complains about not being able to access/run "vsutil.dll" in a temporary directory buried in "Documents and Settings".

    I found a version of "vsutil.dll" in the Zone Alarm Programs directory, copied it to the temporary directory concerned, and reran the installer. It still complains about not being able to load vsutil.dll.

    Has anyone else had this problem and know a workaround (apart from junking Zone Alarm altogether a going to comprehensive "Internet Suit" from one of the competitors) ?

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    Default Re: Problem upgarding to zapsetup_80_400_020_en.exe

    you could try to remove ZA with the ZA removal tool (run as administrator if on VISTA) and reinstall latest version.


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