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Thread: Trouble with zonealarm display window

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    EYANE Guest

    Unhappy Trouble with zonealarm display window


    After updated ZA :

    ZoneAlarm version:
    TrueVector version:
    Driver version:

    I wanted to modify the priority and parameters of ZA, but the display of the ZA window show anything.
    Could you pls help me ? Does someone meet same problème ?

    Thank you in advance for your advise.

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    EYANE Guest

    Unhappy Re: Trouble with zonealarm display window

    Is there any person from ZoneAlarm Company, who can reply to me plse ?

    thanks in advance


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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Trouble with zonealarm display window

    Try this - Reset Database.
    Keep in mind that you will lose all settings within ZoneAlarm. If you usually rely on the default settings, this poses no problem for you.

    1.) Hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys together
    2.) Right click on the ZA icon near your clock
    3.) Choose 'Reset' from the box that comes up
    4.) Choose Yes on the Reset Settings dialog box
    5.) When prompted, choose OK to restart your system
    6.) Follow the on screen configuration prompts after reboot
    __________________________________________________ __
    If that does not work you may need to properly 'un-install' and re-install ZA.
    Click here for 'un-install' >
    - if you need to re-install, better to use IE7/ 8 instead of firefox, etc. and to 'temporarily' shut off most other security software as you install - as they may hinder proper install.
    __________________________________________________ ___
    It appears you have ZA Free. What exactly did you want to do? "to modify the priority and parameters of ZA." Please specify.
    __________________________________________________ _____
    NaiveMelody NYC - 10-3-09 - Do It Again - Steely Dan

    PS - In this ZA Forum most of us who answer the call are "volunteer" users= Guru's, Senior members, etc. - much like yourself; not ZA employees.

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    EYANE Guest

    Default Re: Trouble with zonealarm display window

    Dear NAivemelody,
    Thanks very much for your reply and explanation.

    I tried to reset, but it does not work. Therefore I guess that the trouble came from Firefox. So I will try to resolve it and let you know the result.

    Thank once again and see you l8er


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