I purchased the ZA Extreme Internet Security 3 PCs and successfully installed it on a Gateway netbook and Dell Laptop. I cannot install it on a Toshiba, Vista SP2, Laptop.

During installation, around 36% install, I get an "Error: Installation Failed" pop-up. I click OK and the installation continues (I cannot cancel the installation). After restart, the Icon is stuck on "Protection is up, UI is initializing". ZA will not open.

I contacted chat support and they told me to download and run "cpes_clean" and reinstall. I did but the same thing happened. Chat help was closed and I cannot call because I live in the mountain where there is no cell signal or land line phone. Internet access is thru satellite.

Don't know what to do next. Any suggestions or help?

NOTE: This laptop was running the trial version of Norton 360. Before the initial install, I uninstalled Norton and also downloaded and ran the Norton Removal Tool.