I was updating a family machine this weekend preforming a clean install of Zone Alarm Anti-virus 90_112_000. Upon completion of installation the dialog box for the Configuration Assistant popped up blank. I rebooted and tried to reset ZoneAlarm. Again... Blank.
I unchecked the "Load ZoneAlarm Anti-virus at startup" box under preferences, rebooted, then ran the cleanup tool. I uninstalled all possible conflicting programs and rebooted. I ran CCleaner and scanned for malware. Rebooted and tried a fresh install of Anti-virus 90_112_000. Upon completion of the install, I again received a blank Configuration Assistant dialog box. I once again uninstalled ZoneAlarm using the above method and used a different install from my portable which I know is uncorrupted since it ran on said laptop without complications. Again. I received a blank Configuration dialog box.

Any ideas?