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Thread: Upgrade of security suite

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    Default Upgrade of security suite

    I recently upgraded to v of the Zone Alarm security suite. Previously when I ran a scan it would first scan for viruses and then for spyware and show a list of spyware found.

    When I run the scan now, it does not do a separate scan for spyware, but seems to do both at once. It does not list the spyware found when complete.

    Is this the way the new version is supposed to work?

    Mike Lemke

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    Default Re: Upgrade of security suite

    Hi and welcome back!
    yes, its normal and by design. This has been posted many times before. Please search the board before posting.

    • New Browser Security:
      • Advanced Download Protection:
        • Detects the latest zero-day threats in downloads that you initiate-before they reach your computer
        • Includes heuristic analysis and program check
        • Can run and analyze download behavior in a virtual environment if necessary

      • Spy site detection
      • Signature and heuristic phishing detection
      • Website safety check and rating

    • New unified anti-virus and anti-spyware engine:
      • Scans 80%-90% faster and combines anti-virus and anti-spyware into one scan
      • More advanced scan options- riskware, ADS, heuristic scanning, and more exception options
      • Additional on-access scan controls
      • On-access scanning now detects spyware

    • Program control features to stop advanced security bypass attacks:
      • Timing attack protection
      • Service control manager protection (not supported on 64-bit and Windows 7)

    • Other enhancements:
      • Many performance improvements
      • Reduced number of unnecessary alerts
      • Windows 7 ready (Free compatibility update to run on Windows 7 when it is released)

      Note: To streamline in an age where web privacy controls are built into the most popular browsers and email attachment scanning is included in the major email applications, privacy controls and inbound MailSafe have been removed with this release.


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