I have been using zonealarm antivirus for 2+ years now and never had this problem. For some strange reason, the antivirus has turned off and it will not allow me to turn it back on. On the main zonealarm screen, there are two boxes, one with a plus and one with an x. The one with the x is the antivirus, and when you click on fix it to turn it back on, it immediately switches back to being turned off. For a brief second it turns to green, but right away it goes back to being off. I also tried turning it on from the antivirus tab, where the on/off buttons are grayed out. The only thing I can press on the screen is a red link that says click here to update zonealarm and reactivate scanning, which opens the update box. It then says that it updates fine, but yet the antivirus is still turned off. any ideas to what's causing this?