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Thread: Loss of Anti-spyware and cache cleaner

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    Angry Loss of Anti-spyware and cache cleaner

    Am I the only person affected by this issue?

    Last month I got my automatic renewal notice. For several years I have used and trusted Zonelab Pro Firewall. So I had no hesitation in renewing. The product included the firewall and anti-spyware protection, with three levels of spyware scan and a cache cleaner.

    Then last week, after I had renewed the subscription I got an alert about an "urgent and important" update, which I duly downloaded and installed. Once the dust settled I discovered that I no longer had the product for which I had paid. My antispyware has gone, and also the cache cleaner. Instead I have just a firewall and the new Site Status toolbar and button. Investigation shows that I'm expected to pay a whole lot extra for the Zone Alarm Xtreme, or the separate anti spyware product.

    I already had two products checking sites for me - Mcaffee and Linkscanner. I didn't need a third. What I WANTED was my anti spyware. The scan used to pick up stuff missed by Ad Aware. The two products seemed to work well together.

    I reread the renewal notices. Nothing about an imminent change in my protection. I am most unhappy at what I consider to be underhanded methods of dealing with customers. I might just as well uninstall the paid product and have just the free Zonealarm firewall, together with the free Linkscanner and Mcaffee. I think I should have received notice BEFORE renewal, that my product was about to be changed.

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    Default Re: Loss of Anti-spyware and cache cleaner

    this has been posted many times before. Please see the sticky thread.
    Note that this is a user forum related to product related issue, we have no control on ZA features nor on the shape of new versions. Please contact ZA customer support directly.

    Thank you for your understanding. Thread closed.


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