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Thread: ZA Pro 9.0.114 and /3GB switch

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    Default ZA Pro 9.0.114 and /3GB switch

    I'm a long time ZA user. When I "up"graded over the weekend from 8.4.02 to 9.0.114, my computer got veeerrryyy slow. Many minutes to open the task manager, or any program.

    Running XP Pro SP2 on a Core 2 E6600 Duo desktop, with 4 GB of RAM.

    I have 2 lines in my boot.ini file, one with the /3GB switch and one without. When I book using the one with the /3GB switch, I get this behavior. When I boot without that switch, no problem. Every time.

    So, its pretty clear to me that the new ZA can't live with the /3GB switch while the previous versions have had no problems.

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    Default Re: ZA Pro 9.0.114 and /3GB switch

    please report directly to ZA support. All users here
    Link in my signature. Please let us know the answer or workaround.


    Click here for ZA Support
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