I am using ZoneAlarm Pro version 8.0.400.020 and Internet Explorer version 7.0.5730.11. After I updated ZoneAlarm on 5 June 2009, I was no longer able to access Hotmail, Facebook, or Netflix, except for my queue.

I figured out how to add these sites to the site list in the privacy settings, and things improved slightly. My wife can now access her Hotmail account, but we are both required to log into Facebook each time we go to it, and we are not able to post anything or use any Facebook apps. Netflix still tells me to enable cookies (which are enabled, obviously) if I try to view movie descriptions, search for movies, or do anything other than view my queue.

I have added "facebook.com/apps" to the site list, as well as "www.facebook.com", "www.netflix.com", and "netflix.com". It won't allow me to add "netflix.com/Movies" to the list.

I have changed all the "X"s to check marks for these sites (and sometimes ZoneAlarm changes some of them back to "X"s automatically), I have tried to turn off Cookie Control and Ad Blocking, and I have tried to shut off Zone security completely in the settings. I have cleared the cache numerous times and restarted the machine numerous times.

The only way I can access these Web sites is by shutting down ZoneAlarm completely, which somewhat defeats the purpose for which I purchased a license for the program.

Does anyone know how to fix these issues so that I may access these sites and still have a firewall? I have 177 days left on my subscription, so I would really rather not buy a different program just yet. Thank you.