I just received a new computer about a week ago. The initial installation of Extreme Security was flawless and it has worked - since yesterday.

While the computer was idling (this was not on or right after startup) a message popped up saying something like "Zone Alarm's True Vector monitoring system has shut down, would you like to restart?" I would type the exact message but ZA is currently unistalled due to the fact that I could not connect to the internet after that message. Prior to the first error message, I received another one saying MyVault has been shut down".

I have tried unistalling and reinstalling 3 times, to no avail. I have tried redownloading the application, same story. I have tried the "cpes_clean" unistaller and then reinstalled. I have tried deleting the various files in "C:/Windows/Internet Logs". However - both ZA and my internet work fine in Safe Mode w/networking. I have searched the forums and google for the same error but have not found exactly my problem.


Vista Home Premium 32 bit SP1
Intel Quad 2.5 Ghz
4GB ram

Any help would be appreciated,