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Thread: Outbound traffic constantly blocked

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    StringDriver Guest

    Default Outbound traffic constantly blocked

    Hi all.
    I hope I've not induced some groans from the regulars here... I searched the keywords "blocked outgoing traffice" and did not find anything that helped.

    Here's the deal... XP - SP3, AVG antivirus. New build...

    Running (which I also run on 2 other pc's with no the fact that I'm running an older version an even bigger groaner than asking a question that has likely been kicked around more than Pele's old routines?)

    I have the settings EXACTLY the same from one PC to the other, and I can't "get out". ZoneAlarm can't get out and I continue to get a message that "Zone alarm has prevented connection to X and Such from your computer" (loosely translated) I have to shut down ZA to get to the internet. I have set my zones the VERY SAME as another PC, as I mentioned...

    I don't get it... I've used ZA for years.

    Although, I have to admit I'm a bit of a dwarf in ZA knowledge...being a ZA user for years does not parlay into skillful use.

    I've always looked at firewalls with a bit of belief that there's a bit of sorcery involved, eye of newt and all that... from the many hours spent scratching my head wondering *which* setting was tripping me up.

    So, I've cast off the superstition and decided to educate myself by asking the experts.

    I look forward to learning more, and thanks in advance for any and all help.


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    Bobolina Guest

    Talking Re: Outbound traffic constantly blocked

    I don't know if this is a feature within the version you use, but I recommend you reset the database of ZA.
    1.) Hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys together
    2.) Right click on the ZA icon near your clock
    3.) Choose 'Reset' from the box that comes up
    4.) Choose Yes on the Reset Settings dialog box
    5.) When prompted, choose OK to restart your system
    6.) Follow the on screen configuration prompts after reboot

    If that method doesn't work for you try this one to reset the database you will first need to boot your computer into safe mode and navigate to the C:\Windows\Internet Log folder. Once you are in this folder, find and delete the backup.rdb and iamdb.rdb files and reboot your computer normally.

    Keep in mind that once you reset this database, Zone Alarm will lose all of its customizations and will have to be retrained for your Internet connection. This is the same process you went through when you first installed the program.

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    StringDriver Guest

    Default Re: Outbound traffic constantly blocked


    Thanks for the tip. Will post back with what I find.


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