I downloaded and tried to install this new version of Zone Alarm Extreme Security.

I un-installed my ZoneAlarm Security Suite and re-booted to remove any traces of it.

Installed ZA Extreme Security and downloaded the latest updates and after installation re-booted my computer. I also stopped Windows Defender and Spybot for loading.

After the re-boot all my start up programs loaded and appeared in the system tray, next
Windows Security Suite told me no Firewalls were on, ZA asked me to continue with the trial or input key, I contined with trial. Next mantispm window appeared telling me that it had failed and then a mass of windows as all of my start up programs unloaded and vanished from the system tray.

I have tried this twice and downloaded the setup program for each attempt same result both times.

I backed up my system using True Image prior to install so I have gone back to that and my current version of ZA Internet Security Suite.

I am using Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit version fully updated.

Thats just about it